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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Henry Birdseye

shadow Mar 12

Henry Birdseye is a synthesizer obsessive and he enjoys making sounds. There are a lot of approaches to electronic music. There are different synthesizers, keyboards, or you can do it all on a computer. Henry prefers the tactile feel of all the cords and knobs and the blinking lights and weird sounds on synthesizers. He also likes watching them on oscilloscopes. He never finds himself bored when he is doing what he loves. There is always going to be another corner to turn and another new something to do.

Electronic music is what Henry calls a brain stretcher because it is a crashing of art, music, and physics altogether. There are musical, scientific, and mathematical components that play together. Henry has noticed that there are more and more people getting interested and he enjoys introducing them to the equipment and the possibilities of making new music.