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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Scott A. Galeski

shadow Oct 31

Scott Gelaski is a retired police detective who wanted to provide students with the ability to make awesome independent films. He founded Downriver Detroit Student Film Consortium which recruits students from Downriver Detroit area schools. Some of the students are at-risk, some are disadvantaged, and some have been through adversity. There is an eclectic mix of kids. There is a running joke within the program that the kids are called the hoodlums. While at a film festival, another filmmaker approached Scott and condescendingly said, “I heard you’re having a film program with a bunch of hoodlums. Good luck with that.” And the program has been having the best luck because the kids have just shined.

This program gives the kids the opportunity to be heard and gives them the chance to be creative and have a voice. The program cultivates with a premiere of the students’ projects. They get to go on stage, receive awards, and celebrate what they have been working on. The community is proud of the kids and especially Scott.