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Finding Happiness Detroit | The Perfect Partnership

Your business is proud to call Detroit home. Like us, you’re passionate about serving the Motor City community and its surrounding suburbs. With a remarkable resurgence, rich history, cultural cachet, and tight-knit neighborhoods, there’s no place quite like Detroit. We know this, but not everyone feels the same about our beloved home.

Imagine the opportunity to partner with a movement showcasing local heroes, influencers and the happy people who call Detroit home, while generating the kind of emotional conversations your brand should definitely be a part of.

The Benefits of Partnering With Us

Why not be associated with the smiles, laughter and love we’re spreading while building deeper relationships with the incredible community you serve? Help us highlight the happy people, places and things that are delighted to call Detroit home; and we’ll help shine the spotlight on you as a local business doing its part to spread happiness in Michigan.

The under-the-radar influencers we’re highlighting tend to have a loyal following within their niche, but we’ve found their unique stories make a lasting impression to a much larger audience. Furthermore, each story we uncover tends to lead to a budding network of happy

people excited to help share the message. This has been validated by the massive metrics produced by our first few releases. Our most recent video has earned more than 9,000 organic Facebook views in less than two weeks. Imagine placing your brand in front of 9,000-plus locals and putting huge smiles on their faces without spending a dime. That’s what we’re doing as we share the engaging stories of the happy people empowering our community.

This is the kind of content you want to be a part of: it hits the right market, spreads the ideal message, cultivates conversations and builds brand awareness with the perfect prospects at the perfect time.