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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Brad Petrinec

shadow Dec 18

Brad Petrinec is the founder of Murder City Facial Hair Crew and the Circus of Whiskers. He founded these groups because as a recovering heroin addict, one of the steps is to give back and help others. He chose the Detroit Animal Welfare Group to give back to because it’s a charity already close to his heart and had volunteered with them in the past.

The Circus of Whiskers is a fourteen category facial hair competition. There is also carnival games that the group has made that embraces their club and their culture. They are all hand-built by each member of the club. A lot of people come in from out of town and Brad really wants to show them Detroit and what the city has to offer. Brad has made a lot of friends through competitive bearding and his favorite part of the events is seeing his friends have a good time. Making others happy and being able to give back to the Detroit Welfare Group is what makes him feel the best.