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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Todd LaRosa

shadow Oct 31

Todd LaRosa collects anything dead and weird. He is the owner of a shop called Dead Society Antiques and Oddities. The first vehicle he drove was a hearse and what began his passion for weird things was working for funeral homes, removal companies, and crime clean up companies.

The collection he currently has on display at his shop is his medical antiques which include skulls, skeletons, shrunken heads, and bones. His other collections include coffins, caskets, and embalming machines. This hobby of his definitely has challenges. Fitting a Victorian coffin in an extended cab Silverado is not the easiest thing to do. While people may judge him for not being “normal”, Todd says he is a good normal and his good normal is an odd normal. His hobby of collecting anything dead and weird brings him happiness.