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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Debra Chaffins

shadow Oct 31

Debra Chaffins has been working with fibers since the 70’s when she began knitting and crocheting. One thing she never tried was weaving. She decided on a whim 18 months ago to get it a shot. She always knew she wanted to try it, but she needed to find out if she would be any good at it. It turns out that she is talented at it and she is very passionate about it too.

What she enjoys most about weaving is to be able to leave her mind behind and just concentrate on the fabric being developed in front of her. It’s the best meditation she’s ever discovered. While during the day she works with data and patterns as a Data Strategist, she gets to create the patterns when she is weaving. Being able to create something fresh and new is incredibly satisfying and brings her happiness.