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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Laura Witkowski

shadow Oct 31

Laura Witkowski is a certified professional dog trainer who finds happiness in helping dogs and working with a program called Teacher’s Pet. Laura is a facilitator for Teacher’s Pet, which is a program through Detroit Animal Control. One of the things that she loves about the program is that she gets to take her skill set of dog training and she gets to teach younger people how to do it. Laura wants the dogs to be judged at who they are and be given the things they need at that moment. Laura feels the same way about the kids on her crew. She wants to help them develop skills with helping dogs but also how to perform at a job.

Their goal is to notice when dogs are doing it right and to reward them for the behaviors they want. Laura believes that not only dogs should be treated this way, but people too. Laura tells her crew that the way they positively reinforce dogs, they can also positively reinforce each other.