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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Angelyc Seeley

shadow Oct 31

Angelyc Seeley doesn’t just find happiness, she promotes it with her poetry. The message she wants to send is to, “Love your brother and your sister, raise your sister up.” She doesn’t stop trying to spread this message with only her poetry. She tries to promote more happiness in her everyday life. While some people aim to hurt others, Angelyc enjoys helping others and seeing them happy.

When she finds that she has made someone else happy with her message, that makes her smile. One of her poems says, “We need love from above to make the whole world strong. Love from above will make us all get along. Lay your burdens down and rejoice with your brother. Raise your sister up. Let’s encourage one another.” Angelyc finds happiness spreading her message of love and encouragement.