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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Alan Posner Klezundheit!

shadow Oct 31

Alan Posner is the music director of Klezundheit. Klezundheit is a Klezmer band in Detroit. Klezmer music is traditional Jewish music from the old country, which is now Poland and Russia. It began in the diaspora in the ’20s and the great Yiddish theaters all throughout New York. It combined with American jazz and culture and created the music style. The band isn’t all Jewish people, but also people who appreciate Jewish culture and especially Klezmer music.

Klezundheit has a lot of fun and enjoys playing Jewish music for anyone who wants to listen. The music lifts the spirit. While Jewish people have a long history that’s filled with sadness, there is also a lot of celebration. Alan believes this goes hand in hand with the humor. The humor is always tinged with a little bit of sadness and darkness, but always, in the end, an uplifting and joyous story. Alan finds happiness in performing Jewish music for others and celebrating Jewish culture.