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Finding Happiness Detroit Short Films

Finding Happiness with Paddy Lynch of the Schvitz

shadow Mar 19

Paddy is the proud owner of the Schvitz in Detroit, which is an old-world Eastern European-style bathhouse. The Meltzer family took control of the building in late 1920’s. They were affiliated with the infamous Purple Gang. The Purple Gang was responsible for about 80% of the alcohol coming into the country during Prohibition. Paddy says that people come for several reasons but one of the main reasons is because it makes guests feel so good. It’s a deeply communal experience. After steaming, guests will go upstairs to eat, drink, and catch up with friends to really enjoy the experience. That’s something that has been happening at the Schvitz for 89 years. Paddy is a third-generation funeral director. His work in the funeral business is sad and stressful so he finds the Schvitz to be a retreat for himself too. Paddy says, “That’s something we all need more of.”